How To Fall Asleep: Middle Years

After the kids have grown for awhile you will start noticing sleeping styles. I was the proud father of twins and they each had their own sleep patterns. Luckily for me neither  one of my children had problems falling asleep. The problem we had was getting them in the correct frame of mind. We taught my son how to fall asleep by taking him for car rides. He would no sooner be in the car seat and we start moving and he was OUT! I don't remember having that much trouble with my daughter getting her to fall asleep.

I don't remember insomnia being a problem for either one. Maybe it was that early childhood training of letting them cry themselves to sleep that did it. Regular bedtimes and no negotiation was very helpful, both children are now grown and I've never hear them say they have trouble sleeping. On the contrary they are VERY sound sleepers. I should be so lucky.

As a matter of fact here is the story of one guy who has been searching for the secret of how to fall asleep.

How To Fall Asleep: Starting Young

When I was looking for a header graphic for this site about how to fall asleep, I came across this fabulous picture of Half Dome. It gives the  perfect idea of falling, falling asleep. Sometimes insomnia can get such a grip on us that it can appear like a giant mountain we are unable to overcome. Have you ever had this problem before? I know I have. You lay in bed for what seems like hours waiting for things to get dimmer and dimmer, but sleep eludes you and you are left looking at the clock wondering if this will ever end. You have to be up early or at least at a certain time and if sleep doesn't come you will never be able to get done what you need to. Or worst yet you will be so tired when the alarm clock goes off, you won't hear it, and will over-sleep.

I hope that some of the suggestions listed here will lead you over that cliff of insomnia and into the depths or restful, peaceful, and refreshing sleep.

The problem of insomnia or an inability to fall asleep can go way back into our infancy. Babies in the womb sleep when they want and for the most part have their own way and time schedule for things like sleep. Whne the baby is born, now they start to learn that they must fit theirs lives into the lives of those around them. Human nature being what it is, selfish, wants its own way, the babies want to stick to their own time schedule for sleeping. This is where the training has to start. Sure there is a time of adjustment that goes on, you can't expect them to smoothly slid into your household schedule for sleeping and waking, but if you go too long without training them, life can become very difficult. I'll write more about some of the problems of how to fall asleep later.